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Quality Pet Care, Affordable Rates and Easy Pay Plans   

Free Initial Consultation..

To get started, we need to set up a meet and greet visit. At this initial no-cost meeting, you, your pets and us will all get a chance to meet and discuss how to best take care of all your pets needs. Typical meeting times usually last 30 - 45 minutes.


Initial visit - Free

Home Visits...

Whatever type pet(s) you may have we will provide a friendly, happy atmosphere during every visit at no extra charge for multiple pets. Each visit includes walking your dog, picking up the poop, cleaning litter boxes, feeding and giving them fresh clean water and getting the mail or anything else you need while you are away. So keep your pets stress free and always Happy @ Home with a single or multi visit plan when you can't be there.


Simply click our CONTACT button to email us or call / text 702-328-3419 for more information.


$15-$30  per visit  (price varies with distance, duration, current gas prices and number of visits/day) 


Over-night Pet Sitting

Our #1 premium service when your out of town and want your furry children to feel like you almost never even left. We will come over and stay all night long so things feel pretty much normal to them. Our over night stays nclude two walks; one in the AM and one in the PM, unlimited potty breaks and love love love all night long. Your pets hear and smell all the familiarity that spells out Home Sweet Home to them!  Plus your house stays truly lived in, warning off any potential burglars, giving you that absolute peace of mind to really enjoy your time away without all the worries! 


$65 - $85  per over night (price varying on distance, time, animals needs, animal type-dog(s) or cat(s), etc)

$125 live in service (someone is there minimum 18 - 20 hours)


Doggie Day Care Alternative 

Oh my... you leash them, wrestle them in and out of the car, drive them to a dog day care somewhere in Las Vegas miles from your job worrying if they will be ok. It's no wonder your stressed out, late for work and spending $$$ fuel dollars just to get to your job! Let us come to you, spend our gas, our time so you can enjoy hassle free commutes with our Doggie Day Care alternative plans.

Single or multi visits $15 - $30 (prices vary with distance & duration & current gas prices)


Dog Walking 

Although all of our pet visits include a casual dog walk to do their business and break up the monotony. We also have special Dog Walking Power Pooch walks that give your dogs a real exercise plan they can love for the whole duration of their visit. 

Dog walks $15 - $30 (prices vary with with distance, duratiuon & current gas prices)

Special Bundle rate $13 (only available if your dog walk is less than 1 mile of a current existing client's dog walk and within the same  two hour  service window)


Dog or Cat Boarding Alternatives

The average boarding fees today can range any where from $20 - $75  per dog. Whether its a bargain or not why on earth would you want to put your precious ones in a cage for any duration!  Let your pets stay home where they are safer, happier and most of all cageless! Our multi-visit per day rates are the same for one two or even three dogs!


Three visits per day $49 - $125  (30-40 min visits- morning, late afternoon and  late evening, price varies with distance,duration, current gas prices, times of day, etc)


Puppy Care

They are soft , furry and adorable but we know how important the early months are. Let us help you help them grow strong mentally and physically. Puppies need extra stimuli especially in the early days to properly mature. The lack of such is easily seen in behaviorial problems as they mature into adulthood. Biting, barking and jumping just to name a few can be signs of a neglected puppies early months. So now you don't have to let your new pup sit alone all day when you cant be there anymore!


$15 - $30 per visit  (price varies with distance and duration) 


Farm animals, ranches etc. includes feeding and light pen clean-up. If there are house pets they will be included in the price if the duties can be performed within a half an hour.


$25-$50 per visit and up (May vary depending on specific needs and number of animals, distance and duration)

Pooper Scooper

Nothing worse than looking out the window at your beautiful lawn and seeing dog poop scattered everywhere. Just give us a bark and we will be glad to scoop them up for you.


$15 - $25 per weekly visit ( price varies with number of dogs size of property, distance,  current gas pricing etc)

Pet Taxi

Let us drive them around to the places you need your pets to go.


$15 - $30 per trip - (prices vary with # stops, distance and duration of visit and current gas pricing)

Home security Care / concierge

Watch your castle for you.. sure... we also will watch your home for you whether you have pets or not. While you're gone we will provide that little extra security that your home is safe and secure when you return. We will check your lawn, your appliances, your light timers, your air conditioners , heater, sprinklers and pick up your mail and/or anything else you need to be done while your away...


$15 - $30  per visit - (price varies with distance and duration & current gas pricing)

Contact us for free initial visit today.

We now accept:


Additional Charges & payment options...

Payment - Payment is expected in full prior or at the time services begin. 

Return checks- $25 charge + bank fees for any returned check.

Holiday fees -  $10.00

Vet Care - $25 per trip for any transportation to and from a veterinarian for emergencies. (Provided you or someone you designate can make health and financially related decisions for your pet.)

After Hours fee- Our regular in- the- field hours are from 9am -6pm. Services rendered beyond or before these hours are subject to an additional after hours fee of $5  -$25 depending on how late. 

Special Bundle Rate - $13 only available for dog walking services if your daily dog walk is less than1 mile of another existing dog walking client and within that same service time window.

Gasoline Price Hikes -  Due to gas price fluctuations we reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly. If you are an active current client with us during a gas hike you will always be notified before any price adjustments are made.

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John 3:16

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
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